NEW DELHI: Delhi health minister Satyendar Jain on Monday said 30 per cent of the Covid-19 patients admitted to Delhi hospitals are from other states. He also said that non-residents of Delhi have been occupying most of the ICU beds in private hospitals.
“People coming from outside prefer private hospitals. They make up their mind in advance. These patients go directly to these four-five hospitals they have heard of… such as Max, Apollo and Fortis. That’s why ICU beds at these hospitals are full,” Jain told reporters.
Most of these patients are those who seek ICU facility. There are 1,500 such patients undergoing treatment in Delhi, he said.
The minister also disclosed that the authorities have been collecting data of non-resident patients separately.
“Around 30 per cent Covid-19 patients undergoing treatment in Delhi hospitals are from outside the city,” he said.
Asked about the shortage of ICU beds, Jain said, “We have around 1,000 ICU beds available in Delhi. The number of vacant beds is available on Delhi Corona app… nothing is being concealed.”
Around 1,500 non-ICU beds and more than 500 ICU beds have been added over the last few days, he said.

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