The J.C. Nagar police on Wednesday arrested three men for allegedly peddling drugs, and recovered 45 kg of marijuana and 70 gram of MDMA tablets in their house. The accused – Jindo James, 29, Adarsh, 27, and Inmesh, 32, from Kadugodi – were arrested while they were waiting for their customers on Borebank Road, said the police.

It was after their arrest that the police raided their house and recovered the marijuana and MDMA tablets.

“James claimed to have got the marijuana from his contact in Visakhapatnam. His friend, Lubin Amulnath, had introduced him to the contact a few years ago,” said a senior police officer, adding that he initially bought drugs for personal use, but later decided to buy in bulk to sell to others.

The illegal substance was smuggled to Bengaluru from Visakhapatnam in trucks along with regular legal goods.

“Amulnath was arrested by the Jalahalli police a few days ago in another case,” the police officer added. Incidentally, he sourced MDMA pills from a foreign national in Kothanur, whom the police are now tracking.

Customs officials seize 400 gram of MDMA

Customs officials at the Kempegowda international Airport busted another drug racket and recovered 400 gram of MDMA worth ₹20 lakh. They found the narcotics in a handbag couriered to a Nigerian national who they had arrested earlier and seized 1.9 kg of ecstasy tablets.

With the growing number of drug cases, Customs officials have stepped up vigil, especially on packages coming from abroad.

“We opened the bag to check the contents. We found 400 gram of MDMA neatly covered in a pack concealed at the base of the handbag,” said an official.

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