Daughter of a farm labourer, 16-year-old M. Sravani, assumed the office of Anantapur District Collector on Sunday and it was dream-come-true for the Senior Intermediate student of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) Garladinne. She was named ‘One-Day Collector’ as part of the International Day of Girls celebrations.

Wearing a cotton saree, she was nervous till her name was announced through a draw of lots in front of a battery of mediapersons in the District Collector’s office complex on Sunday morning, but once announced she did not blink an eyelid to boldly tell the world about her priorities as ‘One Day Collector’. District Collector Gandham Chandrudu launched the ‘Balike Bhavishyathu’ (Girl Child is the future of society) programme in the district to bring awareness on the rights of adolescent girls in the society and provide them with the respect due and right place in the society.

“We have forgotten to care for the animals and keep our surroundings clean,” said Ms. Sirisha. The entire gathering of prominent women from various NGOs at the Collector’s chamber and the district officials were stunned to hear the ‘One-Day Collector’ speak as she was very clear in her mind that she aspired to become a teacher when she grew up and ensure all the school dropouts are educated.

To provide some sanctity to the exercise, she was given a file that sanctioned Rs.25,000 compensation to a woman, who was a victim in an SC/ST Atrocities Case, and Ms. Sirisha read the entire file and singed on the dotted lines. The RDT Hospital Director Vishala Ferrer, the REDS president Bhanuja were there to guide the ‘One Day Collector and Ms. Sirisha signing a second file explained that working women had other domestic responsibilities to fulfil towards their families, so a decision was taken by the District Administration that none of the woman employees would be contacted for official work between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.

K. Chinmayi, a 10th Standard student of Sarada School, assumed office as ‘One-Day Municipal Commissioner’ and put forth her solution for the adolescent girls’ problems in school. “Menstruating girls sometimes find it difficult to find a sanitary napkin and the right place and atmosphere to dispose of the used one,” she said seeking to set up vending machines for the sanitary napkins at schools.

She along with the ‘One-Day Collector’ inspected the sanitation in the city and working of the Ward Secretariat in ‘First Line’ area of Anantapur, while the Municipal Commissioner PVVS Murthy accompanied them. Daughter of a mechanic B. Madhushree was made Joint Collector Revenue, Sameera District Revenue Officer, Sahasra assumed office as Joint Collector Development.

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