A beggar’s two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, who had been abducted from Nanjangud town last Thursday, has been traced in Hunasekuppe village in nearby H.D. Kote taluk.

The police arrested Gangaraju, 47, a resident of the village, for allegedly abducting the beggar Parvathi’s daughter from the pavement near Srikanteshwara Temple on October 1.

Inspector of Nanjangud Town Police Station Lakshmikanth Talwar told The Hindu that the accused had done soto satisfy his “mentally unstable” daughter’s “motherly craving” after she lost two babies.

The daughter of the accused, who had been married five years ago, had twice delivered still-born babies after caesarean operations. When she lost her second child last month, Gangaraju had set out looking for a child to meet his daughter’s yearning to have a child to look after, Mr. Talwar said.

While Gangaraju had admitted to the kidnapping, the police have ruled out the involvement of any organised child trafficking racket in this case.

The rescued girl has been handed over to Bapuji Children’s Home in Mysuru following directions from the Mysuru District Child Welfare Committee (CWC). The girl’s elder brother, who had been abducted four years ago and later rescued, is also staying in the same Children’s Home.

Mysuru District Child Protection Officer S. Diwakar said a decision on handing over the girl to her mother will have to be taken by the CWC based on the mother’s ability to provide the child food, shelter and security.

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