HYDERABAD: Planning to restart the international calendar, which came to an abrupt halt due to Covid-19, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) has issued a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
As per the SOP, all the players who are taking part in an international event must return a negative test result, three days before departing for a tournament.

“All players must undertake a Covid-19 test within three days before departing for a tournament and return a negative test result. This is to ensure that participants have at least travelled and start the championships with some assurance that they are Covid-19 free. The BWF and the local host will advise participants on this on a tournament by tournament basis. This is at the team/player/entourage own cost,” BWF said.
The world body is keen on creating a badminton bubble. “The measures put in place aim to create the safest possible environment for all stakeholders involved in the tournament including players…Key to creating a safe environment is the creation of a ‘badminton family bubble’ and this involves making it mandatory for each and everyone in this bubble to be tested at each tournament,” BWF said, adding that they would implement a testing plan.
“BWF will be implementing a Covid-19 testing plan for each major championship and BWF World Tour tournament which will entail a group of accredited personnel being tested prior to each event. The aim is to as much as possible create infection free ‘bubbles’ within the venue environment. All players and team entourage will be required to undertake Covid-19 PCR tests…BWF will provide a financial relief package to help hosts test players and team entourage up to the accreditation limit stated in the prospectus,” BWF added.
Players need not wear masks but others should
BWF said that for players preparing for matches, face masks are not required while they are mandatory for all personnel in the Green Zone.
“Instead of shaking hands, players can touch rackets with their opponents and nod/or put their hand across chest when greeting the match officials…To avoid contact, a shuttlecock dispenser will be provided at the end of the court…player can take the shuttlecock from the dispenser and return the used shuttlecock to the service judge with the racket or drop it into the shuttlebox,” BWF said.
Even before the prize presentation, players should sanitise their hands. Physical distancing measures will be followed even during the prize distribution. A group photo observing physical distancing rules will be carried out at the end of each presentation.

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