NEW DELHI: Trouble-torn Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) has moved the Supreme Court with a question of fundamental importance to conducting litigation in a court of law – can a client not choose a counsel of its choice when the Civil Procedure Code gives that liberty?
After the SC on September 7 asked the HC to expedite hearing of a case relating to elections in DDCA in two weeks, all nine members of the association’s apex council on September 13 unanimously decided to engage a new set of counsel ahead of the final hearing in the matter before the HC.
On September 15, two sets of lawyers appeared, the previous counsel and the ones engaged on September 13, before the HC. The HC took adverse note of this. In its appeal before the SC, the DDCA said when the law permits a litigant to choose counsel of its choice, how could exercise of such a choice, which is its fundamental right, be construed as an interference in the administration of justice?
It asked whether the HC, in order to meet the two-week deadline set by the SC for final hearing in the matter, could deny the litigant the right to choose lawyers of its choice.

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