NAVI MUMBAI: There is a shortage of ICU beds and ventilators in the NMMC area. Commissioner, Abhijit Bangar on Tuesday told TOI: “the ventilators and the ICU beds capacity under government is nearly packed. We are adding more ventilators at the DY Patil hospital.”
NMMC had signed an MoU with the hospital for 200 ICU beds. 50 beds have been made available while another 50 should be available later this week. NMMC is also sharing the ventilator cost .
The dedicated Vashi civic hospital is the other under government hospital, while some 19 out of total 22 hospitals have the subsidy health scheme under Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jan Arogya.
The health website started also requires additional information in the segregation of the 22 hospitals where the subsidy scheme was available. The commissioner agreed to the requirement to update the website. “It will be done soon,” he said, adding that “the information will help both the people and the civic body.”
Director of NatConnect, NGO , BN Kumar said, “I had asked the civic body to provide the bed facility on the website, both in English and Marathi. The website is in English”, he said.
Total positive cases have seen a speedy rise with around 4,500 daily sample tests. Tuesday count was 298 while total count is 23,927 .

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