The State reported 4,256 COVID-19 infections in the 24 hours ending on Monday morning, the lowest single-day tally in two and a half months. The daily positivity rate too was lowest at 7.58% as 56,145 samples were tested in the past day. The overall tally increased to 7,23,512.

Meanwhile, the death toll has crossed the 6,000 mark and reached 6,019 with 38 fatalities. The death rate remained at 0.83%, the lowest among the States with a high incidence of infections.

Krishna district continues to report more deaths though the number of infections came down drastically. It has the highest mortality rate of 1.60% while Chittoor has the highest death toll of 680 and the second-highest mortality rate at 1.04%. In the past one month, 1,672 patients succumbed to the disease in the State.

In the past day, 7,558 patients have recovered and the recovery rate has gone up to 92.11% with a total of 6,66,433 recoveries so far. Currently, there are 51,060 patients undergoing treatment. So far 61.50 lakh samples were tested and the overall positivity rate was at 11.76%.

New cases

East Godavari district reported the highest single-day tally of infections and Krishna the highest number of deaths.

The new cases and deaths are as follows: East Godavari (853 and 3), Prakasam (666 and 2), West Godavari (513 and 2), Guntur (444 and 2), Nellore (365 and 2), Anantapur (271 and 4), Kadapa (231 and 5), Chittoor (224 and 5), Krishna (179 and 7), Srikakulam (157 and 1), Visakhapatnam (138 and 4), Vizianagaram (129 and 1) and Kurnool (86 and 0).

The district tallies are as follows: East Godavari (1,01,638), West Godavari (70,646), Chittoor (65,585), Anantapur (59,005), Guntur (57,232), Kurnool (57,158), Nellore (54,629), Prakasam (51,567), Visakhapatnam (51,187), Kadapa (45,687), Srikakulam (40,666), Vizianagaram (36,252) and Krishna (29,365).

The recovery rate in Anantapur was the highest at 97.1% and Prakasam’s the lowest at 88.8%. The remaining districts’ recovery rate was between 89% and 96%.

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