GHAZIABAD: The Covid Case Fatality Rate (CFR) in Ghaziabad has come down to 0.9% as on Monday from 1.91% less than a week ago. In six districts falling under Meerut zone only Noida with 0.6 has fared slightly better than Ghaziabad on CFR parameter. Ghaziabad’s CFR is also less than the state average which is at 1.604%.
Ghaziabad administration and health department has attributed series of measures taken which led to decrease on CFR which includes door to door to survey to track covid cases, sealing of containment zones among others.
“CFR is defined as total number of deaths in proportion to number of reported cases at a specific time and Ghaziabad’s CFR has come down significantly since the outbreak of covid pandemic, it has come down from 5.01% two months ago to 0.9% on Monday” said Ajay Shankar Pandey, district magistrate.
“Ghaziabad’s CFR is now below 1% and is below state average which is 1.6% presently. It is also lowest among six districts falling under Meerut division except for Noida” added Pandey.
In absolute terms Ghaziabad has reported 67 covid deaths till date against 6576 confirmed cases.
“Since the outbreak of covid we undertook a plethora of measures which has resulted in improving CFR and it includes intense door to door survey which involved more than three thousand volunteers and Block Level Officers which helped in early detection of cases” said Pandey.” “In July month alone we had screened 304693 people across the district” added Pandey.
Other measures taken which held Ghaziabad in good stead in regards to CFR was sealing of containment zones and intensifying screening in these places. “Sealing the border with Delhi which was very unpopular among residents also had a good impact in arresting deaths in the city” said Pandey.
The idea of introducing covid patient management system paid dividends as it helped reduce time lag and identification of L2 and L3 level patents with co-morbid conditions.

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