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MUMBAI: Moving more than 2 kms away from your home, for purposes other than essential services or going to office, will land you in trouble. The Mumbai Police on Sunday issued guidelines stating that all vehicles that ply in areas away from home without valid reasons would be impounded. The reason for this direction is overcrowding at beaches, promenades and public places while Covid-19 infections are still rising. Whether going for shopping or exercising, every trip should happen within a 2-km radius, police said.
Here is the detailed order by the Mumbai Police:
1. All outdoor movements should be restricted for essential activities only.
2. While moving outdoors, wearing face mask is compulsory.
3. Visit to markets, salons, barber shops etc. shall be restricted to within a radius of 2 kms from residence. Movement outside this radius for shopping etc. is strictly prohibited.
4. Similarly, outdoor movement for the purpose of exercise is strictly restricted to open spaces within a radius of 2km from place of residence.
5. Movement beyond 2 kms is permitted only for attending office or medical emergencies.
6. Social distancing norms are to be followed compulsorily at all times.
7. Strict action will be taken against those who violate the above norms.
8. Shops/markets not following social distancing norms will be closed down.
9. No movement of persons except for essential activities is allowed during night curfew between 2100 hours to 0500 hours. Any violation of the night curfew shall be strictly penalised.
10. All vehicles found plying away from their local area without a valid reason will be compulsorily impounded.
It is our sincere appeal that all citizens behave responsibly and avoid unnecessary movement.
The onus of defeating Covid-19 lies on all of us and we can achieve this only when we follow the personal safety and social distancing guidelines at all times.

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