The country’s position with respect to case load, death toll and testing has deteriorated

India on September 27 became the second country after the U.S. to cross six million COVID-19 cases. The pandemic has claimed over 96,000 lives in the country as of September 28, the third highest death toll in the world.

A country-wise comparison shows that even if India’s size of population is taken into account, the COVID-19 situation has worsened on almost all fronts.

Despite the fact that India conducts the second highest number of tests in the world, testing relative to the size of the outbreak has remained inadequate in the country. Worryingly, India’s rank in the share of people testing positive (test positivity rate) has also come down.

However, in terms of case fatality rate, India’s rank has progressively improved.

How to read the charts

The charts depict India’s ranking (red line) on various COVID-19 parameters among countries with relevant data on a particular date. For instance, in case tally, India ranked 41st among 195 countries for which data were available on March 27. On September 27, India ranked second among 209 countries.

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Source: Our World in Data

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