NEW DELHI: BJP national president JP Nadda will distribute pulse oximeters, wheelchairs, artificial limbs among needy besides distributing carts among the poor at a function in Model Town on Thursday as part of week long ‘Seva Saptah’ to mark the 70th birthday of prime minister Narendra Modi. Delhi BJP is celebrating the PM’s birthday under which its functionaries will be organising multiple activities for a week to dedicate themselves to the service of the poor.
Former Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari, who is the MP from North East Delhi parliamentary constituency, will be distributing food packets and fruits among in Mukherjee Nagar and Timarpur and will also visit Hindu refugee camp in Majlis Park area to mark the PM’s birthday.
In all 280 mandals (local units of BJP’s organisation) the BJP functionaries will undertake cleaning exercises outside religious places, Metro stations, schools and markets while women workers of the party have planned to distribute sanitary napkins among women in slums.
BJP functionary Rajesh Bhatia said that Nadda will visit Mahavir Jain School where a social function has been planned. “The service activities have been planned in all parts of the city as well as in all parts of the country. The best way to celebrate the birthday of PM Narendra Modi is to re-dedicate ourselves to the service of the people,” said Bhatia.

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