Ram Babu

NEW DELHI: A criminal who had set up a hideout inside a jungle to evade police was caught after a shootout on Monday morning. The man was involved in a spate of robberies and a murder in south Delhi. He managed to evade the cops for three years. A reward of Rs 25,000 was announced for his arrest.
DCP (south) Atul Thakur said that the criminal, Ram Babu, would use the jungle tracts to travel to Faridabad if the cops tried to trap him. On Monday morning, when the cops surrounded his position in the forest near Neb Sarai, he opened fire injuring a policeman on his ankle after which the other cops managed to overpower him.
Ram Babu had allegedly murdered a youth, Rohit, a few weeks back when he and his friends had gone to the forest area to drink. Ram Babu allegedly asked the youths to pay “rent” for allowing them to enter the jungle. When they refused, he stabbed the youth to death in presence of his friends.
During interrogation, Ram Babu claimed that he wanted to establish control of the forest area. He also extorted money from criminals in return for safe passage to Haryana using the forest tract. He would carry a loaded weapon and a knife.
Since last week, the cops had cordoned off the entire forest area to track him down. As he got to know about this, he fled to Rajasthan. On Monday, he returned to the jungle hideout presuming that the cops had left.

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