Staffers of 14 colleges of Delhi University struck work on Monday, protesting delays in release of funds to colleges funded by the Delhi government and inadequate funds.

Staffers of these colleges have allegedly not been paid salaries for nearly five months now.

Protesters under the banner of Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) went on a ‘rolling cluster wise strike.’ On Tuesday another set of staff from 17 other colleges will go on strike over the issue followed by two more sets up till Thursday. Employees from a total of 59 colleges will be striking.

In a letter to staff associations of these colleges, DUTA wrote that while the Delhi government had released grants for salaries of employees of six colleges there had been no sign of relief for the remaining colleges. Also, grants that had been released were inadequate to cover salaries of all the months and pending dues.

“Such arm-twisting tactics and attack on rights of employees by authorities and governments have to be resisted unitedly,” it added.

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