With huge flood continuing reach Jurala-Srisailam-Nagarjunasagar-Pulichintala projects in the Krishna basin, heavy downpour in Zaheerabad area of Sangareddy district and in the neighbouring areas of Karnataka on Tuesday made the Singur project surplus and is likely to surplus Nizamsagar too over the next couple of days.

Singur and Nizamsagar have been the only projects in the Godavari basin in Telangana that remained not filled to full reservoir level this rainy season although every other project both in the Krishna and Godavari Basin became surplus several times this season. However, very heavy to extremely heavy rainfall recorded in the immediate catchment areas of the Manjira river in Telangana and Karnataka have changed the fortune of the two reservoirs overnight.

The inflows into Singur dam went beyond 90,000 cusecs and the outflows were over 60,000 cusecs on Wednesday morning as the project authorities operated the spillway gates for the first time in three years to discharge the excess flood towards Nizamsagar. As there was respite in rainfall on Wednesday, the inflows receded to about 29,000 cusecs by the evening although the engineers kept the outflows in the same measure.

Against its capacity of 29.92 tmc ft, the storage in Singur on Wednesday evening was 28.2 tmc ft and that of Nizamsagar was 11.1 tmc ft against its capacity of 17.8 tmc ft with the inflows remaining high at nearly 42,000 cusecs. Flood to Lower Manair was also very high at over 96,200 cusecs and the outflows were nearly 1.08 lakh cusecs. Inflows into Sriramsagar, Mid Manair, Kaddam and Yellampally also kept them in surplus position with continued discharge of flood.

In the Krishna basin, the inflows into Jurala were 2.65 lakh cusecs and were expected to increase further with increase in flood discharge at Narayanpur to about 1.9 lakh cusecs in the afternoon. With the supplementation from Bhima-Kagna, the flood is expected cross 3.5 lakh cusecs. The discharge from Jurala at 9 pm on Wednesday was 2.5 lakh cusecs from the spillway (37 gates) and another 21,000 cusecs after power generation.

At Srisailam, inflows were over 3.67 lakh cusecs with supplementation from Tungabhadra and Handri and the discharge was 3.76 lakh cusecs from spillway and another 27,000 cusecs from power house. At Nagarjunasagar, flood from the spillway was 2.67 lakh cusecs and another 29,000 cusecs from power house against inflows of 3.03 lakh cusecs.

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