Former civil servants write to Chief Secretary

Former civil servants and activists have written to Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar and expressed concern over data collection for the Dharani property registering exercise, especially with citizens being asked to furnish Aadhaar numbers.

In an email to Mr Kumar, former Telangana State Public Service Commission member T Vivek and former civil servant G Venkat Ram Reddy, among others, questioned the rationale behind seeking Aadhaar numbers of property owners.

“We wonder whether the functionaries or their superiors are oblivious of the Hon’ble Supreme Court judgment on the issue of Aadhaar number and its uses. A careful reading of the judgment makes the reader wise to desist from obtaining Aadhar details unless there is a quid pro quo between the State and the citizen,” an excerpt from the email reads.

They also sought to know why in the TS NPB Dharani Enlistment form, the government requires property owners to furnish details of how a property was acquired.

Speaking to The Hindu, both Mr Vivek and Mr Reddy said that the government should clarify on the aspects on which the email touches upon. “What is the reason for asking Aadhaar details? What is that you are giving in return? Why are you asking for Aadhaar numbers? It is the order of the Apex Court (quid pro quo between the State and the citizen),” Mr Vivek said. Mr Reddy too raised a similar point.

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