Guidance, the Tamil Nadu government’s nodal agency for investment promotion and single window facilitation, has partnered with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to establish India’s first advanced manufacturing hub (AMHUB) in Tamil Nadu.

The State will be able to harness opportunities in electronics, electric mobility, solar energy and textiles through collaboration with the AMHUB.

“As an important contributor to the manufacturing sector in India, Tamil Nadu will utilise the AMHUB to adopt IoT [Internet of Things] and other emerging technologies for advanced manufacturing to sustain and create new avenues of manufacturing growth,” said Neeraj Mittal, CEO and Managing Director of Guidance. “Advanced manufacturing will boost end-to-end manufacturing of high-tech and high-value products in Tamil Nadu and will shape the future of advanced manufacturing and production,” he said.

The AMHUB is one of the 19 platforms designed by the WEF. The hub will help the production ecosystem in Tamil Nadu by identifying and addressing regional opportunities brought about by the fourth industrial revolution, highlighting and amplifying regional success stories globally and engaging directly with other AMHUBs through the WEF’s network. According to Guidance, in the area of workforce up-skilling/re-skilling, it will help in identifying gaps in skills and bridge them from global experience.

Tamil Nadu will be able to promote sustainable manufacturing by adopting new models of collaboration to scale sustainable solutions in manufacturing that will facilitate circular economy transition and accelerate towards a carbon-neutral manufacturing industry.

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