After a slowdown for a couple of days, heavy flood has started reaching all major reservoirs in the Krishna and Godavari Basins in the two Telugu States on Saturday following heavy inflows into all upstream reservoirs.

“From less than 55,000 cusecs of flood discharge from Narayanapur dam to the river course at 8.30 p.m. on Friday, it crossed 1.61 lakh cusecs at 8.30 p.m. on Saturday with the help of increase in the discharge of flood at Almatti. Coupled with supplementation from Bhima and the intermediary catchment area between Narayanpur and Jurala, the inflows into Jurala reached 3.25 cusecs by 9 p.m. on Saturday,” flood monitoring officials at Jurala stated.

Accordingly, the discharge of flood to the river course at Jurala was about 3.7 lakh cusecs, including 3.49 lakh cusecs, from 37 spillway gates and another 21,000 cusecs from the power house. Coupled with supplementation of nearly 70,000 cusecs from Tungabhadra, the realised inflows into Srisailam were over 4.1 lakh cusecs at 9 p.m. and the discharge of flood to river was about 4.07 lakh cusecs, including 3.77 lakh cusecs from 10 spillway gates and another 30,000 cusecs from the right bank power house.

At the same time, the inflows realised into Nagarjunasagar were over 3.56 lakh cusecs and the discharge of flood to river was about 3 lakh cusecs, including 2.72 lakh cusecs from 20 spillway gates and another 28,000 cusecs from the power house.

Godavari Basin

With release of nearly 95,000 cusecs of flood from Jaikwadi on Saturday evening, the inflows into Sriramsagar are expected to increase further over the next few days from nearly 1.19 lakh cusecs as on Saturday. With increase of flood to Singur to nearly 23,000 cusecs, the chances of the reservoir getting surplus have become almost certain now with the flood cushion standing less than 8 tmcft against its full reservoir storage of 29.9 tmcft. The discharge of flood from Mid Manair was about 10,000 cusecs, while it was nearly 60,000 cusecs from Lower Manair dam on Saturday evening. At Yellampally, the discharge of flood was nearly 1.34 lakh cusecs against the inflows of over 1.26 lakh cusecs.

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