NEW DELHI: Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Saturday that after ensuring 24×7 electricity supply, the state government would now strive to provide water 24×7 to every city household. Fulfilling this election promise will end the woes of Delhiites who are forced to install water pumps and overhead tanks to store water supplied at fixed times.
Delhi government will begin by hiring a consultant to suggest how to make 24×7 supply possible. Rubbishing claims of opposition leaders that water supply in Delhi was being privatised, Kejriwal said nothing of the sort was being done. “We promised you that like 24×7 electricity supply achieved in the last five years, we will also ensure 24×7 clean water in every household over the next five years,” the CM said. “I am glad to share we have started this process. It got delayed a bit due to Covid-19, else it would have been completed in March or April next year.”
Unlike in capitals of developed countries like London, Tokyo and Paris, water pressure in Delhi is low and requires people to install pumps to send water to overhead tanks. And when one house installs a pump, it has a cascading effect down the line, so every household is eventually forced to install pumps and water tanks. “We must bring all this to an end. Like citizens of global capitals, Delhiites too will receive 24×7 water at full pressure,” the CM assured.
Every day, around 930 million gallons of water are processed in Delhi, giving each citizen around 176 litres of water. But this volume includes all purposes, such as industrial, swimming pools, farming water, etc. “We have to increase the availability of water in Delhi, so we are in talks with the governments of UP, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and some other states that have enough water to help Delhi achieve sufficiency,” Kejriwal said.
The CM also noted that there was no accountability of the 930 MGD of current available water, some of it being pilfered or wasted through leaks. “The consultant will tell us how to rectify the water management system and ensure accountability without the wastage of even a single drop of water. We have to induct state of the art technology,” Kejriwal said.
He said there is technology where Delhi Jal Board can operate a valve remotely from a control room. The water utility’s central control room will have full information on which pipeline and which areas gets how much water, and full information on the availability of water would be available on real-time basis. “This is called the SCADA system. The consultant will tell us about this technology. It will help us move towards providing day-long supply of water to Delhiites,” the CM said.

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