BERLIN: Organisers of the Tokyo Olympics are expecting to welcome international spectators at next year’s Olympics despite the COVID-19 pandemic, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said on Wednesday.
“We are working on the basis of course there will be international spectators (in Tokyo),” Bach told a conference call at the end of an executive board meeting.

“What we do not know is if we can fill stadia to full capacity or if other measures would have to be applied.”
He said the start of some Japanese sports leagues had been good.
In March, the Japanese government and the IOC postponed the Games until 2021 because of the pandemic.
“We saw very encouraging start in some of the leagues in Japan in the past couple of weeks with a good number of spectators,” Bach said.
“We have to see again with the additional tools at our disposal next year how we can fill the stadia and how much we can fill them.”

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