NEW DELHI: Delhi Police sub-inspector Sandeep Dahiya, who is accused of shooting at his girlfriend and a passerby in outer Delhi’s Alipur and killing his father-in-law in Rohtak, was arrested from Rohini on Tuesday morning.
Before his arrest, Dahiya released a detailed version of the circumstances that led him to go on the rampage for around 24 hours. He claimed that police wouldn’t have been able to catch him and he could have remained at large his entire life, but he didn’t run as he wasn’t a coward.
He further claimed that his girlfriend had installed CCTV cameras in his room and snooped on his calls. He cited some witnesses from the police station where he was posted, including some women cops, to support his actions.
DCP (North) Anto Alphonse said, “On Sunday evening, Dahiya and his woman friend got into an argument and he shot at her. He then drove towards Narela and Kundli and, later, reached his wife’s maternal village, Bainsi, in Rohtak district of Haryana at night. He shot dead his father-in-law in the morning and returned to Kundli where he stayed the night. His car was spotted in Sector 3, Rohini. He was taken into custody while walking towards his car. He was produced before a court and sent to judicial custody.”
During questioning, Dahiya said he had animosity towards his in-laws. He had fired at his woman friend after an altercation.
Two hours before his arrest, Dahiya sent a detailed text message explaining his side of the situation. He sent 16 points in the message, starting from the circumstances that led to his actions and even details about the cases he was handling. He also gave police the password of his mobile phone and laptop for retrieval of important case files and documents.
“I had a happy family and tried to keep my marriage alive, but my father-in-law ruined it. My family members wanted me to remarry as I was their only son. In November 2019, I met a woman who deeply loved me. As she didn’t like my pictures with other women, I closed my social media accounts. Since my wife was not divorcing me, I told her about it. She suggested we get married secretly. The next day I met her parents, who taunted her saying that she was getting married to a man with two children,” Dahiya wrote in the message.
Dahiya claimed his woman friend would ask him to be on video call throughout his night duty. He had saved her number as “Baliyan” on his phone. At the end of the message, he mentioned that policemen had a lot of work, so he didn’t want to bother them and was waiting for them at Singhu border.

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