Maharashtra 1 lakh solar pumps for farmers will reduce cross-subsidy burden for high-end power users | Mumbai News – Times of India

MUMBAI: The burden of cross-subsidy on high-end electricity users will be reduced to some extent, with the state planning to provide a total one lakh solar agri pumps to farmers in Maharashtra, a government official said.
“These pumps will drastically reduce electricity costs for farming besides being environment-friendly,” the official stated.
The electricity supplied by MSEDCL to farmers is cross-subsidised by high-end users.
The official further said that in the past, 25,000 solar pumps were distributed among farmers at the subsidised cost. “We are now in the second phase, where we are giving 7,500 pumps of 7.5HP and a total of 75,000 pumps will be given in the second and third phases,” the official added.
The pumps are being given to farmers at highly subsidised rates, said energy minister Nitin Raut.
He directed the MSEDCL to start a special web portal on which farmers can log in to procure these pumps.
“The cost of each 7.5HP pump will be subsidised — and it will be around 5-10% of the original cost, making it affordable,” said MSEDCL chief spokesperson Anil Kamble.
The pumps will enable farmers across Maharashtra to irrigate land during daytime and also save electricity costs. “The solar pumps will be better than the diesel for being environment friendly. The supply too will be uninterrupted,” he said.

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