KALYAN: The CEO of Century Rayon Industries was attacked with a knife allegedly by a staffer inside the company premises in Shahad area near Kalyan on Thursday.
The worker, Arun Masand said that he was was unhappy that the company did not allot him a room at staff quarter.
In the attack, OR Chitlange, the CEO suffered three injuries and was admitted to the Century Hospital. His condition is said to be stable
An eyewitness said, “Luckily, when Masand attacked Chitlange, other staff and security guards present at the spot noticed him and stopped the accused.”
The staff later overpowered the accused and handed him over to the Ulhasnagar police which admitted him to a private hospital for treatment.
D D Tele, assistant commissioner of police, Ulhasnagar zone, said, “Initial probe revealed Masand met Chitlange when he was stepping out of the office. He told Chitlange that that for last 10 years, he did not get room at staff quarters. Chitlange told him to meet some other day in office to discuss the matter and in the same time the accused, who was carrying knife attacked him.”
Tele further said, “We are trying to find out the exact reason behind the attack.”

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