MUMBAI: Amid complaints of shortage of anti-viral drugs Remdesivir and Tocilizumab, Maharashtra minister Anil Deshmukh on Friday said the government will buy them “on a big scale” to ensure that they are available for the needy across the state “soon”.
He also said that the government will take strict action against black marketeers of the drugs, which are used in treating Covid-19 patients.
The Home minister made the remarks following his meeting with Food and Drugs Administration minister Rajendra Shingne here.
There is no vaccine available to treat Covid-19 patients yet.
Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Deshmukh said that there has been a big demand for the drugs in Maharashtra as well as outside the state.
“The state government is going to buy remdesivir and tocilizumab on a big scale. The state government has started the process of purchasing the drugs to ensure it is available for the needy across the state. It will be available soon,” Deshmukh said.
He said the police department and the Food and Drugs Administration department will take joint action in case there are instances of black marketing.

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