MUMBAI: Though the state government allowed doorstep delivery of newspapers early in June, a few housing societies are still not permitting distribution, which is “wrong and not legal,” or pushing copies through third parties such as guards or local staff and thus complicating matters, the Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association (MahaSeWA) has said. MahaSe-WA is the largest association of housing societies in the state.
In a statement, president of MahaSeWA Ramesh Prabhu said, “Home delivery of newspapers is an essential service that should not face any hindrance. It has come to our notice there are some housing societies and Resident Welfare Associations which are not allowing distribution of newspapers to their residents. This is wrong and is not legal. In these times of acute disinformation, hyperbole, rumours and fake news, it is newspapers that bring credibility and uphold the right of information for the people. Free circulation and distribution of newspapers is an inseparable and essential part of dissemination of information and is protected by Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India guaranteeing right to free speech.”
He pointed out that CM Uddhav Thackeray had, in his address to citizens, made special mention of having allowed doorstep delivery of newspapers and the government’s ‘Unlock’ notification of June 6 too had made a mention of it. Prabhu said further that the association was appealing to officebearers of housing societies “to adhere to the laws of the land, and not obstruct the entry of newspaper vendors into housing societies and distribution of newspapers to the homes.”

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