MUMBAI: Of the nearly 30 lakh liquor home delivery orders in Maharashtra during the lockdown, 15.6 lakh orders—more than 50%—were from Mumbai alone, according to the state excise wing. This despite the fact that home delivery in Mumbai started on May 15, a couple of weeks after it had resumed in other parts of the state.
Also, the slump in monthly excise revenue has improved since the deliveries started in May. Revenue for June was Rs 850 crore—more than 70% of the average monthly revenue of Rs 1,100-Rs 1,200 crore pre-lockdown. In April, revenue was zero.

An excise official said, “The revenue from excise and sales tax through liquor sale between May 4 and July 6 was Rs 2,400 crore. The biggest success is that it helped the administration avoid crowding in shops and thus control the spread of Covid.”
State got 500 liquor permit applications a day from Mumbai
According to officials, consumers across the state bought 1.4 lakh drinking permits in a span of two months to make online buying easy. This was because the state had made it mandatory for online delivery to either have a permit or buy it along with the stock. Majority of permit buyers, say officials, included those from Mumbai districts.
Only Mumbai and Nagpur have compulsory home delivery as across-the-counter liquor sale is prohibited.
“In Mumbai suburban and city districts, we used to receive 30-40 applications daily. Since the talk of home delivery began, we suddenly started receiving 400-500 applications forcing our servers to crash. The trend was visible across all districts in the state,” a senior excise official said, terming home delivery as the reason behind the spike in number of permit buyers. Maharashtra, except Mumbai and Nagpur, has nearly 7,872 shops selling liquor stock daily, besides 6,722 permit rooms that are operational after the state allowed hotels to resume operations at 33% occupancy. There are chances that standalone bars and restaurants may join them soon.

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