THANE: Over 31 per cent bills of Covid-19 patients in the city are overcharged, confirmed the civic authorities.
The auditors of the municipal corporation here till September received over 6,000 bills of Covid-19 patients, they have so far checked 5,568 bills out of which they came across 1,756 inflated bills.
The 1,756 bills were overcharged with Rs. 2.1crore, which the hospitals were asked to return to the patients and if they had any clarifications against it then they were asked to do so and justify the reason for the patients being given inflated bills.
It was seen that so far Rs. 29 lakh was returned to the patients and the hospitals clarified the overcharging of Rs. 42lakh, which then were deducted from the inflated money. Hence, as of now Rs. 1crore is yet to be given to patients.
The civic authorities had started checking the bills of Covid-19 patients after there were complaints of citizens that they were being overcharged.

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