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MUMBAI: A 54-year-old engineer from Haryana who came to Mumbai to visit his son, became the second patient to die after being shifted out of Mulund’s Apex Hospital, where a generator caught fire. The deceased Virendra Singh’s son Suraj has now alleged that his father, who was on a non-invasive ventilator, was shifted without suitable life-support.
Singh died of cardiac arrest following multi-organ failure at Fortis Hospital in Mulund on Tuesday. Fortis authorities said Singh was brought “in a critical condition without Bipap”, a type of non-invasive ventilator.
Suraj’s ordeal began on Monday when he saw a big crowd at Fortis. Unaware of the fire at Apex, he inquired, only to realise that the tragedy was closer home. A list from Apex arrived at Fortis around 11pm but his father’s name was missing. “After hours of looking, I found out my father was in Fortis around 1am,” Suraj said. An error in a list where Virendra’s name was replaced by ‘Yeshwendra’ had caused the confusion.
Suraj said his mother is inconsolable. Singh came to Mumbai on September 23 to spend time with Suraj. He showed symptoms on October 1 and was admitted to Apex on October 5. In treatment, Virendra developed anxiety and restlessness and had to be restrained. “His mental health took a beating but his condition was not critical,” said the son.
Fortis said the patient brought with abnormally rapid and shallow breathing, was also restless, disoriented and hypoxic (low oxygen levels). “He had to be intubated and put on ventilatory support,” a spokesperson said. Suraj said he is now staring at a bill of Rs 1.5lakh at Fortis. “Who will pay that?” he said.
Apex founder Dr Vrajesh Shah said with electricity gone for 16 hours, the hospital could do little. Dr Dilip Patil, ICU incharge at Apex, said the patient was shifted with high flow nasal cannula with oxygen support. “He was quite critical already,” he said.

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