NEW DELHI: India cricketer Manoj Tiwary took a dig at former India spinner and former women’s team head coach Ramesh Powar after the latter took part in an online challenge, which according to him was done to create awareness regarding mental health.
Powar uploaded a video of himself doing push-ups on Twitter and his post read: “Thank you @ojasmehta for kind words & nominating me for the 25 push-ups for 25 days challenge for bringing awareness for Suicides and issues related to Mental Health. We have our own battles and wars, we win some and lose some. Enjoy the moments & the journey.”

Tiwary seemingly took note of the post and without taking names, wrote on his Twitter: “Can someone educate me on how push-ups challenges or any other stupid challenges 4 that matter will help people who all r going through depression??”

Powar then put up another post, explaining to Tiwary why he took part in the challenge and its importance. He wrote: “You wouldn’t know that the person you ran into at the store and just spoke with you could barely get out of bed this morning to even get dressed let alone face the day.
“That the person that just smiled at you in passing has high anxiety and suffers from panic attacks to the point they almost pass out regularly. You don’t know that your neighbour may cry everyday because of how sad they are because when you see them they put on a fake smile and wave a happy hello.
“People are embarrassed to show they are feeling these emotions? together we can continue to help one another through knowledge, kindness, awareness and a judgment-free space,” he added.

Powar further wrote that everyone will have their own opinion regarding mental health awareness and he respects that. Similarly, he urged everyone to respect his opinion as to how he wants to spread awareness regarding depression.

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