A fire at Raghuvanshi Mill compound on Thursday

MUMBAI: Suspecting something amiss, a team from the city’s fire brigade will investigate how a blaze that broke out at Raghuvanshi Mills in Lower Parel had started again hours after it had been doused by fire officials.
The fire broke out on Thursday, initially around 9am and was brought under control around 4pm that evening. Fourteen fire engines, nine jumbo water tankers and ambulances had been deployed at the site.
Three hours after it was doused, the flames started flaring up again around 7pm even as fire engines had been stationed on standby at the spot.
Man and machinery had to be put on the job again to fight the resurgence of the fire at the same place. No one was injured.
“It is yet difficult to say what exactly cause the fire again,” said chief fire officer P S Rahangdale. “A detailed inquiry is being conducted.”
At the same time, fire brigade officials will also probe the possibility of negligence on the part of fire personnel in putting out the first blaze, said another senior official. “We are likely to investigate that too,” the official said. “For clarity, we will be recording statements of all officers who attended the call.”
The building where the blaze erupted housed the offices of an advertising firm, ad film company and a public relations firm. “Besides, there was a lounge on the rooftop. We need to check if all establishments on the premises had all permissions in place,” said Rahangdale.
Residents of high-rises in the area had pointed towards the smoke which filled up the entire locality.
It maybe recalled that after the Kamala Mills fire in December 2017 in which 14 people died a committee was set up to probe the illegalities at Raghuvanshi Mills. In an inspection of civic records, it was found that the mill area was originally 24,357 sq m and permitted built-up area was 26,486 sq m, records showed there existed 40,337 sqm built-up area.

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