MUMBAI: A 22-year-old auto driver found a bag in his auto left behind by a passenger he picked up at the international airport, and promptly drove to the airport union office and deposited the bag.
Incidentally, the commuter had returned to the airport looking for his bag, and the auto driver was able to return it to him in person.
Auto driver Manoj Yadav told TOI that he had picked the passenger up at the airport on Thursday. Yadav dropped Mahendra Raut in Mira Road. On his way back, Yadav noticed the bag. “I decided not to open the bag or check if there were any valuables. It belonged to the passenger, and I wanted him to claim it from union office,” said Yadav. He was told that he passener had arrived at the union office looking for his bag. Yadav then returned the bag to him.

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