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MUMBAI: Three police constables saved the life of a 20-year-old college student who climbed the water tank on the sixth floor of an Andheri (East) apartment to end her life on Friday.
Andheri police team carried out the rescue operation for about 15-20 minutes after they reached the spot at around 4pm on receiving alert call made by the residents from the neighbouring building who called the police control room on noticing the girl found seated on the edge of the water tank at around 3.34pm.
Residents from neighbouring building captured the entire operation on their mobile and applauded the police efforts by clapping when they managed to pull the girl from the edge before she could jump. The girl was saved after constable Pravin Jadhav kept her engaged in talks and diverted her attention. “Jadhav kept talking and asked her the reason for her to take such step and took inch by inch step before risking his life and jumped to catch the girl. A slight mistake the girl would have ended up jumping directly to the ground,” Andheri police senior inspector Vijay Belge told TOI.
Meanwhile, other constables—Ramesh Bingdrive, Vijay Thite and Soniya Salvi—followed Jadhav inching closer to the girl before they pounced to catch her. “The girl was upset with the family problem and has left her flat in the same building. Her parents were unaware of it. Jadhav and other personnel rushed to the spot, which is 500 metres away from our police station, on receiving the alert call,” said Belge.
The girl was taken to the police station and her parents were too called and were counselled before they left.

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