Rains caused a landslide on August 6

MUMBAI: The stretch of N S Patkar Marg that connects to Kemps Corner flyover will remain closed for at least a month as there is risk of further landslide on the hill slope adjoining the stretch.
In the second joint visit in the past one week, a technical committee of experts visited the area on Friday along with BMC officials to examine the landslide areas near Hanging Gardens.
The committee has suggested a geotechnical, contour and drone study of the area before finalizing any work on the damaged portion of the hill slope.
“The experts have suggested keeping the stretch closed for traffic during the monsoon as possibility of further landslide on the stretch or adjoining portion cannot be ruled out,” said an official from BMC.
Another senior BMC officer said, “Since the stretch where landslide occurred is risky, we will use a machine in the adjoining stretch of the hill slope to collect soil samples and conduct a geotechnical study. It will take at least three weeks. Experts will study the report and accordingly suggest work on the hill slope.”
A serious tragedy was averted on August 6 after heavy rains caused a portion of the retaining wall along BG Kher Road (Ridge Road) on the hill near Hanging Gardens to collapse, causing a landslide and uprooting around 15 trees. The debris landed on the northbound arm of the arterial road- N S Patkar Marg– that connects Kemps Corner bridge and Pedder Road.
Traffic police have recommended alternative routes as closure of the road stretch has caused heavy traffic congestion in the areas near Kemps Corner. A BMC official said, “To avoid traffic congestion, we wanted to open the southbound portion of N S Patkar Marg, but experts have advised that is risky as soil on the hill slope is loose.”
The BMC official stated they will first strengthen the hill slope, and then construct retaining walls before allowing opening of the N S Patkar Marg stretch. A decision on reconstruction of the badly damaged portion of B G Kher Road, which has been closed for over three months, will be taken later.
Four water pipelines passing beneath BG Kher Road were also badly damaged during the landslide and the civic body had given alternative connections to those affected in Altamont Road, Pedder Road and Kemps Corner areas for four days.

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