MUMBAI: Community namaz in the aftermath of coronavirus will be a changed affair once public prayers resume at mosques in Mumbai. As places of worship opened in Delhi on Monday, mosques in this city also issued a common set of guidelines to be followed in the future.
Muslims are instructed to perform the ‘wuzoo’ (mandatory ablution before namaz) at home rather than use the common facility in the masjid. Moreover, they must offer only the five mandatory prayers in the mosque. Other voluntary prayers must be conducted at home.
“Wearing masks will become compulsory. We are urging children under the age of 10 and elders over the age of 65 to pray at home and not visit the masjid. Also those who have any sort of ailment or fever must avoid coming to the masjid,” said Maulana Akram Ishati of the Four Bungalows Qabrastan Masjid.
Maulana Burhanuddin Qasmi of Markazul Maarif, Jogeshwari, said, “Social distance should be maintained while praying, and worshippers are urged to bring their own prayer mats. They must desist from using the common mats, rosary beads, caps and copies of the Holy Quran that are kept in mosques. Shoes must be kept separately, not bunched on top of each other. If required, two sessions of Friday namaz will be held to accommodate everybody.”
Since the onset of the lockdown on March 25, mosques and cemeteries have been closed for the public. Merely five persons are permitted to bring in the corpse to Muslim graveyards.

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