Police inspecting the murder site

MUMBAI: A 35-year-old man allegedly committed suicide after killing his three minor children at Nalasopara on Saturday night.
Preliminary investigation indicated that Kailash Parmar was under depression after his wife left him about 45 days ago.
The murders came to light at around 8.30pm. The bodies were lying in the rented room in Don Lane, Babulpada, Nalasopara (east).
The children — son aged 12 years and two daughters aged 17 years and 13 years — had stab wounds on their neck. A knife with blood stains was found in the room.
Kailash is suspected to have killed the children when they were asleep. Tuling police is ascertaining if the children were sedated before being killed.
Kailash is believed to have first tried to kill himself by hanging as a sari was found dangling from the ceiling fan. He later used the same knife to kill himself.
Kailash’s father Viju told police that his son was under depression after his daughter-in-law left them around a month-and-half ago. Kailash lived with his wife and children and the couple sold garlic for a living.
According to Viju, while Kailash’s wife had returned to her parents home, recently Kailash had seen her photograph with another man on a social media website.
On Saturday evening at around 4pm, Viju had knocked at Kailash’s door asking him to come home for tea. Viju also stays in the vicinity. Kailash then told his father that the children were sleeping and he would come later.
At around 8.30pm, Viju went to check on Kailash. As he knocked on the door there was no response. He called the neighbours who too tried to call out for Kailash. He then broke open the door to find Kailash lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The children were lying besides him.
They were taken to the hospital but declared dead before admission. Neighbours told the police that they did not hear any sound from the house when the murders took place.
A case of murder has been registered against Kailash. Police recovered the knife used for the murder.

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