NAVI MUMBAI: Strange indeed are the ways people find to savour the forbidden fruit. A 28-year-old married man from Navi Mumbai cooked up a tale of being Covid-positive, fled the city on July 24 and shacked up in Indore until the police tracked him down recently.
On July 24, the man who lives in Taloja called up his wife and lied to her about having tested positive for Covid and said he was “going to die”, said assistant commissioner of police Vinayak Vast. After that, his cellphone was switched off. The next day, his brotherin-law found his bike abandoned by a street in Vashi — the ignition key, his helmet, office bag and wallet in it. The family lodged a missing person’s complaint at Vashi police station.
The police went on a wild goose chase at testing laboratories, Covid centres and even searched the Vashi creek, expecting the worst, said senior police inspector Sanjeev Dhumal. They tried tracking down his cellphone, but reached a dead end as it was switched off. “Last week, we traced his phone location to Indore,” said Dhumal. “We learnt that he was in an extramarital affair.”
A police team reached Indore, where he had hired a place after changing his identity. “He was brought back to Navi Mumbai on Wednesday,” said Dhumal. “We left him in the custody of his wife.”

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