TPCC president N Uttam Kumar Reddy has asked people not to apply for Land Regularisation Scheme (LRS) and the Congress would do it free of cost once it is returned to power.

“It is the most inhuman scheme to fleece people and we are calling upon people not to apply for TRS,” he said while speaking to reporters on Zoom App. “Congress would go to people with the slogan No LRS and No TRS,” he said.

Retired District Registration Officer Vishnuvardhan Raju termed the LRS scheme a burden on the people for no fault of theirs. He said 80% of the plots in Telangana were under gram panchayat layouts and this scheme will burden all of them to the tune of lakhs of rupees.

Giving an example, he said people from just one village on the outskirts of the city would have to pay ₹80 crore under LRS and imagine the burden on all the villages included.

Anyone who owns 200 yards plot would have to pay ₹50,000 and the amount increases sharply as the plot size increases.

He said it was strange that 14% additional fee was imposed where land was not left vacant for civic purposes. “Will the government provide that land now,” he asked.

‘KTR misled’

Stating that there was no humane angle in the LRS but only an intention to fill up the coffers at the cost of people, MLC T. Jeevan Reddy said the very intention of the government was to make money at a time when people had lost employment and were under tremendous financial stress due to COVID.

He accused Municipal Administration Minister K.T. Rama Rao of cheating people and not keeping his word on the statement made in the Assembly. He said KTR promised on the floor of the House that charges would be levied based on the value at the time of the plot registration. But the subsequent GO issued did not mention anything about it.

People who bought the plots years ago for small sums would have to pay the penalty based on the present rates, which was illegal and unethical, he argued.

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