GREATER NOIDA: The Government Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS), Greater Noida’s L2 & L3 Covid hospital, has switched to liquid oxygen supply for its critical patients. A 10,000 cubic litre liquid oxygen tank has been placed in the hospital campus over a week back, from where the liquid oxygen is converted into gas through a compressor, and carried to all the 250 hospital beds through pipes lines.
The liquid oxygen tank meets the hospital’s daily requirement of around 400 cubic litre of oxygen, and will last about 15 days. This has save the time of healthworkers engaged in procuring, changing and storing individual oxygen cylinders that were being used so far, said Dr Brigadier (retd) RK Gupta, director of the hospital.
“Since the liquid oxygen tank can sustain oxygen requirement for about 15 days, we will now keep about 20-25 oxygen cylinders as back-up arrangement, which will not only save time on their procurement, management, tracking and storage, but also on manpower deployment,” said Dr Gupta, adding that tank will be refilled by Inox Air Products in Surajpur, Greater Noida.
GIMS is also all set to double its ICU capacity from 40 beds to 80 beds by next week. While the Covid hospital in Noida will continue with its current 28-bed ICU facility, UP government has asked Sharda Hospital, another L3 Covid facility in the district, to increase its ICU beds from 60 to 120.
Apart from GIMS, the only other Covid hospital apart from GIMS which is also using liquid oxygen in the district is L3 Yatharth Covid hospital in Noida extension. The hospital has a 6000 litre liquid oxygen tank on its campus from where oxygen is supplied to its 200 patients. The tank is filled daily as the hospital has majority patients on oxygen use.
“We are using liquid oxygen which is converted to oxygen gas through the compressor attached to our 6000 litre liquid oxygen tank. There are 200 patients on oxygen support at the hospital where 125 patients are given oxygen through the pipeline in the ward and 75 patients on oxygen support in ICU. We have a daily requirement of 20,000 litres of liquid oxygen, hence the tank is filled daily,” said Dr Sunil Kumar medical superintendent Yatharth hospital who adds that Inox air Products Pvt Ltd refills the tank at the hospital daily.

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