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GHAZIABAD: Covid-19 patients are either preferring home isolation or private hospitals over government facilities. Only 16% of Covid-19 patients are currently admitted to government hospitals.
As of Sunday morning, there are 1,010 active cases, of which 466 (47%) are in private hospitals, followed by 257 (25%) in home isolation. Apart from 168 patients (16%) who are in government hospitals, the remaining are awaiting facility allocation. Besides, two patients are admitted to Noida and Meerut hospitals and one in Delhi.
There are 69 patients in L1 facilities, 42 in L2 hospitals and 57 in L3 hospitals. As many as 114 patients, who had opted for home isolation, are waiting facility allocation.
There are 10 private hospitals in the district that are treating Covid patients. They all together have 598 Coivd beds, including 98 ICU beds. All three levels (L1, L2 and L3) of patients are being treated in these private hospitals. Four hospitals are fully treating Covid patients, while six hospitals have reserved 20 to 50 beds in a separate wing for the purpose.
The health department has acquired 120 (20%) of 598 beds in 10 private hospitals in the district. Of the 120 beds, 20 are in the ICU category, therefore, serious patients can be referred to private hospitals by the health department.
The district has 826 beds in government facilities. The Covid care centre (L1) set up at SRM University has 250 beds of L-1 level. ESIC Hospitals in Sahibabad, which is treating mild patients, has 76 beds.
The administration has decided to re-designate this hospital as an L2 facility by upgrading its facilities.
The hospital has been provided with BiPAP machines and high flow nasal cannula to provide oxygen therapy to mild cases. There is also District Combined Hospital which is running a 100-bed L2 facility.
Santosh hospital has been serving as a 400-bed L3 facility. However, the administration has decided to keep half of its beds for L2-level patients.

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