Over 3,000 properties in residential areas to be de-sealed by Diwali: Delhi BJP chief | Delhi News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: The three BJP-ruled municipal corporations will complete de-sealing of over 3,000 properties in residential areas here by Diwali, Delhi BJP president Adesh Gupta said on Thursday.
Gupta, who was accompanied by North Delhi mayor Jai Prakash, earlier in the day launched a de-sealing exercise in the Todapur area, which falls under the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), and provided certificates to property owners.
“The three BJP-ruled municipal corporations have started the process for over 3,000 properties that were wrongly sealed by the monitoring committee. The de-sealing process will be completed by Diwali,” he said.
Gupta said that 1,357 properties under the NDMC, 700 under the South Delhi Municipal Corporation and around 1,000 under the East Delhi Municipal Corporation will be de-sealed under the ambit of a Supreme Court ruling providing relief from the sealing drive undertaken by the monitoring committee in recent years.
East Delhi mayor Nirmal Jain said that legal opinion was taken by the East Delhi Municipal Corporation before starting the de-sealing process to short-list sealed properties that were covered by the Supreme Court ruling.
Prakash said that in order to speed up the de-sealing process and cut bureaucratic hassl,e there will be only one file pertaining to all sealed properties that will be de-sealed in a zone of the municipal corporation.

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