A section of Lattice Bridge Road was relaid recently by the Zone 13 – Adyar of Greater Chennai Corporation. The section stretches from the intersection of Lattice Bridge Road, Sardar Patel Road and Durgabai Deshmukh Road to Adyar Telephone Exchange.

Residents allege that the road work has been carried out without adhering to expected milling standards. The height of the road has increased and consequently, the pavement on the western side of the road has ‘sunk’.

“Motorists will now find it convenient to park their vehicles on the pavement. Motorcyclists will misuse it by riding over it,” says T. D. Babu, a long-time resident and founder of citizens’ forum Spark. “Thanks to this road-laying work, the median has become shorter and pedestrians will feel encouraged to step on to the median and cross the road at undesignated spots.”

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