File photo of England fast bowler James Anderson (AFP Photo)

NEW DELHI: Batting legend Sachin Tendulkar is impressed with James Anderson‘s ability to swing the ball, as he said the England fast bowler is “one of the best exponents of the reverse swing.”
“What I experienced over a period of time is that he would hold the bowl as if he is bowling an out-swinger but at the release point, he would try and bring the ball back in. A number of batters would look at the wrist position and what he has actually done, he has shown you that he is bowling an in-swinger but the imbalance between both sides of the ball will take the ball away from you,” Tendulkar said in a video he posted on his Twitter handle.
“But what he has done, he has got you to commit to play for an out-swinger (early) and the ball, after covering almost 3/4th of the length of the pitch, starts leaving you. That is something which was new to me. Nobody had done that, now I have spotted even Stuart Broad doing that. But Anderson started this long time ago. So I rate him very, very high and he is one of the best exponents of the reverse swing,” he added.
The international cricket returned to action on Wednesday after a long hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The first Test match between England and West Indies in Southampton marked the resumption of the game.

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