Sacred Heart School – Kalyan’s Biomimicry Lab’s experiential learning pedagogy enables students to research and create Future-Tech Designs by mimicking readily available wonderful designs in nature. An Aeronautic or Drone design company can cut costs and lead time by mimicking the humming birds or the bee as they remain still in the air sucking nectar from the flower.

Sacred Heart School – Kalyan’s Biomimicry Lab students while on an experiential tour on a rainy night to a forest came across a Termite Hill withstanding heavy rains. The students themselves started studying the material, the structure and strength of the walls of Termite Hill. Unit wise the material was found to be as strong as concrete. Further studies showed that Termites and Ants take local mud, ruminant faecal matter, green matter and chew this mixture in their mouth infusing their saliva, a process akin to concrete mixing, to produce this wonderful construction material. Local mud, ruminant faecal matter and green material like leaf or grass are available in all geographies of the Earth. On studying about this saliva it was found that it was a protein.


Students then experimented by mimicking the process using egg albumin, the closest natural protein available similar to termite saliva. Brick cubes made using this biomimicry research could withstand an outstanding 7 kg load weight. The research findings have now been passed on to Sacred Heartian parent Mr. Ajay Pillai who is an eminent researcher and alumnus of UDCT to continue further advanced research and enable possible commercial production of this findings.


Imagine a world where such protein is available in tins at stores across Africa, Latin America and Asia. Local communities can get local mud, ruminant faecal matter and green matter and use our students’ researched protein to construct their habitats, replacing cement with natural protein which could be a huge impact on reducing global warming.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Sacred Heart School Kalyan by Mediawire team.

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