The Delhi University’s St Stephen’s College has released its first cut-off list for undergraduate courses, with the highest cut-off being announced at 99.25% for BA (Hons) Economics for students coming from commerce background.

This year’s cut-offs are higher than last year. In 2019, the cut-off for BA(Hons) English and BA (Hons) Economics were pegged at 98.75% for students from commerce background.

The cut-off for BA (Hons) Economics stands at 99.25% for commerce students, 98.75 % for humanities and 98 % for science stream students.

The cut-off for BA English (Hons) stands at 99% for commerce students, 98.75 % for science and humanities stream students. This year’s cut-off for the course is higher by 0.25% for commerce and science students.

Last year, the college had pegged the cut-off for BA(Hons) English at 98.75% for commerce students, 98.25% for humanities students and 98.75 % for science students.

The cut-off for BA History (Hons) stands at 99% for commerce students and science stream students, and 98.25% for humanities students.

The cut-off for BA(Hons) Philosophy stands at 98% for commerce, 98.75% for Humanities and 97% science stream students.

The cut-off for BSc Physics (Hons) stands at 97.66% while the cut-off for BSc(Hons) Chemistry stands at 96.67%. Last year, the cut-offs for BSc Physics (Hons) and BSc Chemistry (Hons) stood at 96.66% and 96.33%, respectively.

The cut-off for BSc(Hons) Mathematics stands at 98% for commerce and science students and 96.5% for humanities stream students.

In Economics, the college has put a rider that applicants need to score at least 95% in mathematics to secure a seat.

Those under Church of North India Delhi Diocese (CNID) and Church of North India (CNI) need to have 70% marks in the subject while SC, ST and general applicants need 95% in the subject.

For English honours applicants, students need to have scored 90% in English Core or 85% in English Elective.

For the BA programme, the cut-off for students from commerce and science backgrounds stands at 99% while for humanities stream students it is 98%.

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