Two-wheeler riders and morning walkers say they are vulnerable and urge animal birth control

Adilabad town and the surrounding villages in the district are reeling under stray dog and pig menace.

Repeated complaints to the municipal authorities are not yielding desired response to the ‘life-threatening’ problem. With ferocious dogs moving freely in the area, parents are not allowing their children to play outside the house, especially after sunset. “Though the streets of our colony are not littered with garbage and the majority of residents are vegetarians, we are surprised to see how the population of stray dogs has shot up in the locality,” said Hastesh Kurliwar, a resident of Brahmanwada. He said that for the past three-four months the stray dog menace has been severe in their colony and other neighbourhoods.

“Municipal authorities must take immediate measures to control the growing menace,” said Rana Ashish Chauhan, a research scholar from Old Housing Board Colony. On an average, a pack of six to 10 stray dogs is found in almost all the colonies and on several occasions they have caused injuries to the passers-by. The problem is more in the older parts of the town, including Ashok Road, Brahmanwada, Shivaji Chowk, Ambedkar Chowk and Ranisatiji Colony. With shops and other establishments downing their shutters early on, the main roads are wearing a deserted look, giving a free run to the stray dogs. Two-wheeler riders are the worst affected as the dogs are chasing them, sometimes leading to their fall. Morning walkers are equally vulnerable to stray dogs attacks. Neither is there a municipality-maintained dog kennel nor a dog van in the town.

“Authorities are not taking adequate measures to address the problem. The issue was brought to the notice of the Municipal Commissioner and the Chairman on several occasions, but in vain,” said Moluguri Vijay Kumar, municipal councillor from ward No. 30. He said that every year, a dog catchers’ team from Nellore in Andhra Pradesh comes to Adilabad, tranquillise the canines and lets them off in the jungle area.

“Again they come back to the town. The authorities must start animal birth control,” Mr. Kumar said. When contacted, Adilabad Municipal Commissioner Rajeshwar Rathod agreed that they are getting a large number of complaints on stray dog and pig menace and they are yet to initiate any action. “This (municipality) subject is new to me. So far we have not taken any action, but within a few days I will hold a meeting with officials concerned and address the issue,” he said.

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