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MUMBAI: Like fellow batting legend Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar too is not celebrating his birthday this year due to the misery caused by Covid-19 around the world. The opening great turned 71 on Friday.
“There won’t be any celebrations in view of the ongoing pandemic where many lives have been lost and restrictions brought in by way of safety and precaution. So these are times when one does lots of introspection. God and life have blessed me with many good things, for which I remain grateful to so many, especially my family and extended family of well-wishers.
“The timeless message of Shri Sathya Sai Baba, ‘Love All, Serve All’, could be the panacea to many of life’s problems and ills. I wish to re-dedicate my life hereafter in seeing what I can do to spread love and serve — a dire need of the times we are living in,” Gavaskar told TOI.
At 71, less diet and exercise every evening is the former India captain’s fitness mantra.
“Fitness is relative. What could be good for me may not be good enough for another. Fortunately there’s a terrace which I use every evening for about 90 minutes for exercising. Luckily, I am not a foodie and eat sparingly, so that’s helped me in keeping in reasonable shape,” he said.
For someone who travels round the year for his commentary duties, being confined at home due to the lockdown must have been a challenging time. How has he kept himself engaged/occupied during this lockdown period? Like the rest of us, has he tried his hands at cooking or any other quirky hobbies?
“Yes, there’s so much time on one’s hands now but at least the time table can be set by yourself than others. I’m back to reading books, fiction mainly, and trying to learn Spanish as well as doing regular chores left-handed. As for cooking, no (I) haven’t ventured there but am still the best tea-bag tea-maker in the world. Ask my fellow commentators. Irfan is good but even he agrees that I am just that bit better. Maybe because I have more experience,” he said.

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