Ahead of the State Assembly elections, social activist ‘Traffic’ K.R. Ramaswamy launched a campaign for voter awareness in Coimbatore on Saturday.

As part of the campaign organised by Nallatchi Iyakkam (Good Governance Movement), he issued to motorists on Bharathi Park Road in Saibaba Colony pamphlets containing messages on the importance of voting for “qualified” candidates.

“The public must vote for the right candidate without bias for any party,” he told The Hindu, noting that Nallatchi Iyakkam stresses that every party has qualified candidates. “If there are no such candidates in any party, they must vote for an independent candidate. If no other option is available, they must opt for NOTA (none of the above),” Mr. Ramaswamy said.

The 87-year-old activist will travel to Dharapuram in Tiruppur district on Sunday to carry out the campaign. Mr. Ramaswamy plans to cover the entire State before the campaign for the election begins.

K.S. Theivasigamani, coordinator of Nallatchi Iyakkam, said the organisation pitched the idea for this campaign with Mr. Ramaswamy and he agreed to participate and lend his support. The organisation is planning to mobilise one crore voters in the State who would vote for qualified candidates, he said. “We are developing a mobile application for the voters to participate in the movement,” Mr. Theivasigamani said.

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