NEW DELHI: The 21-year-old woman whose family members have been arrested for killing 18-year-old Rahul Rajput in north-west Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar has agreed to testify against the killers in court, according to police sources.
She has also refused to return home, fearing for her own safety. The police on Saturday moved her to a shelter home at an undisclosed location and provided her with security.
When Rajput was being thrashed by a group of men near his house on Wednesday night, the woman, with whom he was in a relationship, was looking on helplessly.
In a CCTV footage recovered by the police, the girl is seen standing near Rajput’s house soon after which he steps out and follows her. In another footage, she can be seen with Rajput as the accused escort him to another lane.
The FIR lodged by the police in the case confirms that the Rajput was in a relationship with the girl and her family had objected to it. She belongs to a different community.
According to the FIR, Rajput’s family had got to know about their relationship just two months back. “He was pursuing his BA second year from School of Open Learning. Around two months back, we got to know that he was in love with a girl who stayed at Jahangirpuri. The girl’s family was angry with Rajput and did not want her to meet him. We were worried for his safety,” Rajput’s uncle, Dharampal, has been quoted as saying in the FIR.
It was Dharampal who was first informed by a friend of Rajput that some boys were beating him up. “I quickly reached the spot where I saw some boys from the girl’s family were thrashing him. He was lying on the road. I managed to catch hold of one of them and asked what the issue was. They said they wanted to teach him a lesson for speaking to their sister. I told them to let him go and took him to a clinic,” Dharampal said in the FIR.
Rajput’s father, Sanjay, who drives private taxis for a living, was quite distraught at his house in Moolchand Colony. He said he was not at home when the incident happened and he had been informed about it by Rajput’s cousins.
“When he was brought home from the clinic, he did not tell us that he had been beaten up badly or even what had exactly happened. We thought it was some fight and he had been slapped a bit. He was lying down. Later at night, his condition deteriorated and he was taken to the hospital where he passed away. I want all those involved in the incident to be behind bars and I hope they never come out as this could happen to any other child,” said Sanjay.
According to the postmortem report, he died of a ruptured spleen. This was because of the kicks and blows that rained on him.
Rajput’s family members have one regret. They said when he was being beaten up, a crowd had gathered, but instead of helping him, they were just recording videos.

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