About Sunrise Silents


Films are on DVD-R discs, which are coded for all regions. Every film is accompanied by an original music score. All material is digitally transferred from source prints and we often combine footage from multiple prints to get a more complete film. Transfers are 100% digital. No VHS is used in the process. The use of a VHS master would result in the loss of approximately half of the available DVD resolution. We often make more than one transfer of a print using different exposure settings to compensate for differences between scenes. The source prints are old and not all of them are pristine, but we do our best to obtain the best transfer possible using the resources available to us. Discs contain interactive menus, including pictorial scene selection menus. All DVDs are housed in illustrated DVD keep cases.


Periodicals are on CD-R discs. All periodicals are complete unless noted otherwise. We use only high resolution scans. Every page is straight and all text is legible. CDs may be played on both PCs and Macs and can be viewed with Internet Explorer (version 5.1 or later) or recent versions of any browser. The program allows the user to turn pages (forward & reverse), jump to the Table of Contents, jump to any page using a drop-down menu, and choose page size (standard, large and supersize). All CDs are housed in illustrated DVD keep cases.

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