Silent Star Recipes

Favorite Recipes of the Silent Stars

The recipes below were contributed by the silent stars to screen magazines of the day. Some were concoctions of the stars themselves while others were furnished by their cooks.

There might be a tendency to assume the stars didn't have time to be concerned with recipes. One should keep in mind, however, that Silent Era Hollywood was a rich and socially active small town. The stars owned beautiful homes, and there existed a keen good-natured rivalry in giving attractive luncheon and dinner parties. Therefore the recipes were selected with thought and genuine interest.

The selection of recipes below reminds me of the holiday parties I used to attend where each guest would bring their favorite dish. A friendly competition developed and some of the food was truly excellent. I believe the silent stars took just as much pride in their dishes as we do today. Now if we could only travel back in time to attend a similar party in Silent Era Hollywood...

we'd probably find a menu like the one below.


(I'll add more recipes as I come across them.)

Vilma Banky - Hungarian Goulash

Douglas Fairbanks - Lemon Pie

Leatrice Joy - Plum Pudding

Colleen Moore - Cream of Artichoke Soup

Ramon Novarro - Spanish rice

Will Rogers - Mashed Turnips

Anita Stewart - Roast Stuffed Turkey

Lupe Velez - Spanish chowder


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